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Welcome to Skinnys Supa Deli!

Skinnys Supa Deli is a locally owned and operated business that offers great coffee, meats, healthy meals, fresh produce, salads, local honey and more. We are committed to providing the finest meats, cheeses and other specialty food products that you and your family can feel good about. Our healthy option meals are low in fat but high in protein for health conscious people, as well as a wide range of gluten-free products.

Our team strive to provide fresh, delicious foods and top-notch customer service every day. Whether you’re coming in to grab meat and cheese to make your own special sandwiches at home, or you want us to whip something up for you right here, you’ll love our broad selection.

Amongst our vast assortment of traditional deli goods, we have a range of specialty gourmet foods that will be sure to please your tastebuds, a variety of healthy option meals which are low in fat but high in protein for health-conscious people, freshly brewed coffee by our barista and fresh salads prepared while you wait. In additional to this we provide a wide range of gluten-free products.

We are committed to providing superior customer service and mouth-watering products. You’ll find everything you need for a quick dinner or a healthy lunch for you and your family.

Stop by our delicatessen in Mount Louisa today and see what we have to offer!

Healthy Meals

We all know that eating healthy food is the key to living a long and healthy life, but preparing these made-from-scratch meals each day is not always easy with the active lives we lead. By the time many families get done with a full day of work, pick up kids, attend after school activities, and then finally get back home the last thing we feel like doing is cooking a healthy dinner. That’s where the staff at Skinnys Supa Deli come in.

We have a wide range of healthy meals that will keep your family eating their veggies, but without the hassle. You can choose from our fresh salads or a wide range of other healthy and delicious meats, cheeses, local products and ready-made meals that will be a hit with your family.

We have a large selection of gluten-free and food allergy friendly foods as well, so you are sure to find something that the whole family will love even if you have picky eaters.

Step by Step Salad Bar

Fresh Coffee

There are few things as delicious as hot coffee in the morning (or any time of day). Skinnys Supa Deli in Mount Louisa serves rich and vibrant, hot or specialty coffee drinks all day, seven days a week. Whether you are in the mood for a latte, or you just want a cup of black coffee to give you the burst of energy you need to get through the day. We are committed to providing excellence in everything we do, and our fresh brewed coffee is no exception.

We employ trained baristas who can whip up your favourite coffee concoctions whenever you wish. Try one of our four blends from locally owned, Bounce Coffee Company to get the best coffee experience.  As one of our customers like to say…

My good morning is brought to you by the staff at Skinny's & their fantastic coffee!

Platters & Catering

From breakfast meetings to brunch or lunch, from a gathering with friends or that special occasion with friends, come in and see the team to discuss what you need and how we can make the magic happen.
We can cater your event with our food platters and deli sandwiches with your choice of all our wonderful gourmet meats, cheeses, salads and fruits. Our platters are sure to make an impression amongst your guests.
We are fully committed to providing the best possible products at affordable prices, and we offer a range of items that help us accommodate those with special needs, such as our range of gluten-free and vegan items.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are your deli platters customisable?

Absolutely! You will choose which meats, cheeses and additions you want to be a part of your deli platter to create a customised option for your next gathering.

How far in advance do I need to order a platter?

This will generally depend on the time of day you call, and how large the platter needs to be. In many cases, we can create your deli platter on the same day. Call today to discuss what type of platter you want and we will let you know when we’ll have it ready!

Can you cater for large events?

We can cater events of all sizes. In general, the earlier you can make a reservation and provide the headcount the better. We do need a date for the event prior to adding you to the calendar, since we cannot guarantee all dates are available.

Do you have gluten-free & vegan options?

Certainly do! We try our best to cater for everyone’s lifestyle. Give us a call and we can discuss your needs.

Do you deliver?

We do not have suitable, refridgerated transport required for fresh food deliveries. So, for now we offer pickup only unfortunately.